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A representative view of our work.

In support of national and international development objectives, we design, co-ordinate and participate in a number of projects related to Human Resource Development that are meant to attain designated results in line with the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS of the United Nations.

We implement our projects in different regions of the world to help improve corporate performance.
In this context, we closely cooperate with the Government, non-governmental organizations and civil society at large. KIST Consult is in various stages of development, delivery and maintenance of projects.

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PROJECT IBM-MORE: "Matching opportunities with resources for entrepreneurs"
serves the educational needs of migrants motivated
to become entrepreneurs through an innovative digital learning via APPs.


PROJECT UP TO SPEED aims to address, recognise, assist and monitor
the linguistic challenges and difficulties faced
by the children of families who maintain a different
home language to that of the language of school.
It offers educators and schools an innovative teaching method
on how to support students from these households through the
success at school.

PROJECT IFLY-SLOW focus on promoting essential life skills among adults in Europe and aspire to provide a manageable solution to credit ridden consumerism of European economy.


PROJECT FAMILIES COUNT is a project to promote the acquisition
of skills and competences in Maths through innovative Family Learning
teaching methods based on Digital Tools.


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PROJECT ABCD4ME (APPs Based Competence Development for Migrants Entrepreneurship)

The aim of ABCD4ME is to increase the economic integration of migrants by supporting the development of skilled and qualified digital entrepreneurs.



PROJECT MIND THE GAP aims to offer customized framework, training contents and tools for both adult trainers and digital migrants to support them in digital skills.

PROJECT FLIPPMI aims to strengthen the participation
of migrant families in Flipped Learning through Family Learning methods,
by equipping Intercultural Mediators with the necessary skills and resources
to support the process.


PROJECT ECVET SKILLS PLATFORM aims to develop a platform through which vocational education systems and the labour market, especially the SMEs, communicate interactively. Also, the training content developed on skills analysis and mapping through the ECVET Skills Platform is considered to serve the quality of vocational education and training systems, giving the experts responsible for teaching technical skills the mission of teaching also the personal and conceptual skills.


The objective of PROJECT PIONEERS is to provide Vocational Education Training teachers and trainers with innovative tools and methods of work-based Service Learning programmes, with the goal of stimulating creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship among VET students.


dares to dream of a world where traumatised behaviour
is met with compassion and understanding by those the traumatised interact with
in particular educators. It will create trauma informed communities,
schools, community and youth centre and households which can identify the effects of trauma and early life
trauma / trauma under 5  induced behaviour, respond to it correctly with parasympathetic  activities and see it for what it is
as a developmental response to past experience and
consider what the provocation might have been rather than punish the reaction.



The aim of PROJECT INTREP  is
to promote social inclusion and diversity as wellas intercultural
and inter-religious dialogue  by supporting Adult and community
teachers and educators to foster social  innovation and
entrepreneurship in intercultural  and interreligious contexts
through Adult Community Education (ACE).


The PROJECT I DONT KNOW serves the needs of VET teachers and trainers for providing a quality financial education by developing innovative digital tools and learning-by-doing methodology to enhance mathematical, digital, entrepreneurship and financial management competencies through APPs-based learning.



The PROJECT EVOLVE emphasizes the need for promoting European values to enhance social inclusion and economic integration of migrants. This Erasmus+ project wants to meet the values based integration needs of migrants, by means of a qualified training support through individualised guidance and mentoring.

InCommon is a project funded by the Asylum, Integration, Migration Fund (AMIF) of the European Commission and DG Home which consists of partners coming from Spain Cyprus, Austria and Greece, for the integration of refugees and migrants.The overall objective of the project is social inclusion through the cultural participation of migrant women. To this end, three guidelines are established: Actions for the empowerment of women through individual development and training on digital, interpersonal and civic skills and on cultural expression.

Development of a methodology for social inclusion through culture. Creation of networks consisting of communities, volunteers, and cultural entities.

InCommon is based on the fact that culture is a common good which is built with the participation of all the members of the local community. Participating in culture is to participate in the community, having a voice and being a part of it. To achieve this, we all need to have the tools and access to the resources that allow the realization of this right.

From InCommon, we want to make these words a reality and make a meeting place available for migrant women where they can express themselves, develop and exercise the active citizenship.


The PROJECT MIDRIL (Migrant´s Integration Driving Licence) is based on the principle of integration of migrants towards the fulfilment of Europe 2020 Strategy reaching a smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth through European collaboration in vocational education and training that focuses on developing basic competences for social integration and adaption to labour market needs, promoting basic learning for migrants through vocational education activities and recognizing their skills. MIDRIL project approach to migrant´s integration focuses on basic language skills acquisition and 3Rskills and ICT self-esteem, intercultural competence, entrepreneurial initiative included in the local work culture (Common Basic Principle).

Migrants´ lifelong learning takes place through digital devices, e-learning, blended learning and ECVET certification offered by MIDRIL project. MIDRIL is a useful tool, proof of individuals´ competences that is adaptable to the local economy, labour market and humanitarian and political development of Partner countries.

• Web based learning Training APPs for Intercultural Competences

• European Passport for Intercultural Competences




Developing specific solutions for active aging
(Grundvig project for educational partnership)


PROJECT ANGELIE: builds on the significance of the key competences in Europe and specifically focuses on sustainable improvement of „intercultural, entrepreneurship and social skills and competences of the civic society“. The goal is to develop new skills and behaviour at workplace and in social life (life skills), which promote coexistence and cooperation among all people.

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